Jack Lawler Memorial Football Game



Every year Colin Fulton and his mate Adam organise a charity football match in memory of Jack Lawler. Jack played for Colin’s football team, Sacred Hearts, and sadly lost him last year to cancer. Each year Colin and Adam get old Sacred Hearts team back together and use it to raise money to either give it to a charity of choice or people who have lost loved ones recently. This year they asked if they could do two events in his Jack’s memory for both  the Owen McVeigh Foundation and the Max Lally Foundation, whose dad Colin knew from playing football. Jacks mum kindly agreed and a football game took place on the 17th April at Kirkby High School who kindly donated the use of the pitch for free. This was followed by a lottery to raffle prizes kindly donated by family and friends. Colin even managed to sell a load of t-shirts on the day. The Owen McVeigh would like to thank Colin and Adam for all their contributions as well as thanking everyone who took part in the Jack Lawler memorial event. Thanks all ! Pictures from the event can be found below.

Their next event will be held at Active Soccer in Maghull on Saturday 21st May 2016:



Here’s the photos from the latest Jack Lawler Memorial event:

IMG_0666 (1024x768)

Ted with Jacks mum

IMG_0685 (1024x768)

Hendos Boots !

IMG_0675 (1024x768)

Having fun on the free bouncy castle !

IMG_0656 (1024x577)

Mark McVeigh presenting the cup

IMG_0658 (1024x577)

Top work everyone, thank you !

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